About Simon

I'm Simon. I am a [calculate_years datestring="11/22/1999"] year old photographer from The Netherlands. I study Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) at The Hague University in The Hague. In my free time, I make photo's. These can vary from Landscape photo's, Urban / City photo's and Astrophotography. Sometimes I also make other type of photo's like nature, streets ect. Just anything what's worth enough to be "unlocked".

I started as a 14/15 year old boy by just making pictures while on vacation. almost 3 years later I started doing it more and more.. People liked my pictures so I started using the mirrorless camera I got from my father. I used this one for about a year till I realized I wanted to do something more. On 8-12-2018 I made the final decision and UnlockThePicture got born. 5 months later I bought my first own DSLR, the Canon EOS 200D. I really like to Travel, inland and
outside The Netherlands. There are so many places to visit. So many places ready to be "unlocked".

Nowadays I'm also learning to do more with videography. But the basic focus will stay at photography because that's the part where I want to stay in as work field. Videography will be a bonus.