About me


I'm Simon

I am a 24 year old old student from The Netherlands. As kid I liked to be creative and make stuff. In 2014 I started designing small websites on an web builder called JouwWeb. Since 2016 I also started to learn how to program websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

Besides a strong interest in tech, computers, photography and web development, I am passionate about designing projects and websites.
The thing that helps me with this is image thinking. I can already imagine certain things how I want something. This helps me designing certain parts of an website or other project.

In my free time, I make photo’s. These can vary from Landscape photo’s to Urban / City photo’s. I started as a 14/15 year old boy by just making pictures while on vacation. almost 3 years later I started doing it more and more. People liked my pictures so I started using the mirrorless camera I got from my father. I used this one for about a year till I realized I wanted to do something more. On 8-12-2018 I made the final decision and UnlockThePicture got born. 5 months later I bought my first own DSLR, the Canon EOS 200D. Now I combine making photo’s with both streaming, making youtube videos and running. 


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